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Web Game Shells: Instructional Design Tips

Step 1. Decide to which of these three domains your learning content belongs:

1. Facts and Information

A fact is a simple bit of knowledge or information. It is usually in the form of a statement that specifies a relationship between two or more objects, actions, or events:

Facts are mostly related to other facts and other types of knowledge.

2. Concepts

A concept is a set of objects, events, actions, characteristics, or ideas that share critical attributes and belong to a specific class that is identified by a common label.

For every concept, you should be able to provide multiple examples. (If you cannot, you are probably dealing with a fact.)

Concepts are frequently in a hierarchical framework

Shapes -> Triangles -> Equilateral triangles

3. Procedures and Processes

A procedure is a step-by-step skill that is performed essentially the same way each time.

A process is a sequential flow of events.

Playground: Become more fluent with these three different types of learning content by playing the DOMAIN GAME.

Step 2. Follow these suggestions for each type of training content:

1. Information and Facts

2. Concepts

3. Procedures and Processes